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Wallas Wiggins

In 2017, Wallas Wiggins was appointed Director, Worldwide Indirect Materials, Services & Logistics. In this role, Wallas provides global strategic direction for Indirect Materials and Services & Logistics. He works collaboratively with internal and shared services leaders to identify goals and develop business strategies. Additionally, he provides leadership and support in strategy execution and integration to meet business objectives while diligently working to ensure employees are aligned and engaged.

Most recently, Wallas served as Global Manager, Supply Management, Quality, and Facilities for ISG. In this role he had global responsibility for all aspects of Deere’s strategic interaction with ISG’s global supply chain – commercial, logistical, and quality. He led his global team to consistent cost reductions, improved quality, and improvement in business processes, speed, and supplier innovation.

Prior to John Deere, Wallas worked at General Motors Corporation and Covisint in positions of increasing responsibility for supply management, engineering, quality, and business leadership.